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Introducing ASY Skincare

My Journey:

My journey began several years ago when I developed several health issues related to toxins and heavy metals exposure. Exposure to preservatives, chemicals, and toxins can create damage and disease. Unfortunately, many of these substances are found in everyday lotions, creams, and sunscreens simply because they are not banned in the US.

After doing much research and consulting with experts, I have created an organic skincare line that is non-toxic and chemical-free. The ingredients include botanical extracts, organic vitamins, and the purest oils. None of the products contain water which can dilute potency. These products are super concentrated, therefore you only need a small amount to achieve great results.

What I love most about ASY Organic Skincare are its natural citrus fragrance and rich texture. Your skin will instantly look and feel hydrated and smooth!

Lastly, ASY Organic Skincare is affordable and available at A Smoother You located in Dracut and on this website page.


Colloidal Facial Cleanser
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Intense Anti-Aging Cream
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Anti-Aging Serum
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Ultra Hydrating Cream
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Protecting Hydrating Cream 25
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