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Body and Face Rejuvenation in Dracut, MA

A Smoother You Inc combines wellness and cosmetics to give you confident looks and feelings through body and face rejuvenation in Dracut, MA, and surrounding areas. From the most advanced laser treatments, fillers, and soothing massage therapies, our team has what you need to relax your body and boost your happiness. Contact us to schedule a consultation and formulate your beauty plan today.

Our Services

We aim to help you achieve your ideal appearance and a younger, brighter, healthier-looking you. Our founder Maureen is a medispa staff and Certified Medical Aesthetic Nurse who began our practice to merge health and beauty for every client. We provide treatments and procedures that are safe and approved while giving you the beauty you’ve always wanted. You can trust our team to care for and accommodate you from beginning to end. Start by scheduling a consultation with us. During our discussion, we will evaluate your wants and needs and determine the best course of action for your beauty.

Schedule a Consultation

Are you ready to experience the best skin care, wellness, and beauty treatments in the area? The wait is over. Discuss your needs and desires with us today!

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